Right of Way Vegetation Management

A Superior Forestry Crew at work on a utility right of way

Specializing in low-volume application

Transmission lines, distribution lines, and pipe lines. Low volume application has economic as well as environmental benefits.

Benefits of low-volume application:

  • With low-volume foliar, only the targeted species (like hardwoods and pine) are treated. Plants that benefit wildlife, like forbs, increase in coverage due to decreased competition from the target species.
  • Low-volume foliar decreases application cost because the mix is applied only to the target species.

Standard Herbicide Application Operational Procedures

All crews are provided with enclosed cargo trailers

SFS provides the following with every crew we put in the field:

  • Licensed Managers and Crew Supervisors
  • Periodic classroom training, including state industry approved seminars
  • Training videos and study guides outlining safe handling of pesticides and proper application techniques
  • The practice of strict safety standards
  • Standard safety gear to all employees including: hard hats, eye protection, nitrile gloves, proper work shoes and a daily change of coveralls
  • First aid kits, fire extinguishers, eye wash bottles, clean drinking and wash water
  • Enclosed cargo trailers for storage of all application equipment, mix tank and daily chemical needs
  • Additional water tank for clean water needs

Equipment Provided

Teamwork ensures excellent coverage of the Right of Way

Low Volume Foliar: Solo or SP1 Backpack Sprayers equipped with a model 30 jet gun and a dual tip swivel nozzle. Flat fan and an adjustable cone tip are standard

Low Volume Basal: Solo or SP1 Backpack Sprayers equipped with a model 30 jet gun with an eighteen inch extension and adjustable cone tip and a 5 PSI 50 mesh check valve

Injection (Hack and Squirt): Hatchets and squirt bottles. Continuous frill 1 ml. per cut


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