Treating a new pine plantation

SFS provides the following with every crew we put in the field

  • Solo or SP1 Backpack Sprayers equipped with a spraying systems flow control valve, Superior T-boom and two flat fan tips
  • Licensed Managers and Crew Supervisors Periodic classroom training, including state industry approved seminars
  • Training videos and study guides outlining safe handling of pesticides and proper application techniques
  • The practice of strict safety standards
  • Standard safety gear to all employees including: hard hats, eye protection, nitrile gloves, proper work shoes and a daily change of coveralls
  • First aid kits, fire extinguishers, eye wash bottles, clean drinking and wash water

These seedlings, planted in a pasture, got off to an excellent start because of herbicide treatment soon after planting

Providing Crews For:

  • Site Preparaton
  • Foliar Release
  • Herbaceous Weed Control
  • Liquid Spot Application
  • Injection/TSI
  • T-Boom Band Spraying
  • Hardwood Release
  • Specialized Invasive Species Treatment

Treating Cogon grass along a roadside

Invasive Species Treatment

Invasive species such as Kudzu and Cogon grass are becoming more and more of a problem. Call Superior Forestry Service to help you deal with your invasive species problem


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