Our Name Says It All!

Superior Forestry Service, Inc., began as a partnership in 1980 and, in August of 1987, incorporated under the laws of the State of Arkansas.  Since then, we have become the largest commercial forestry contractor in the United States. SFS employs seasonal workers to perform contract labor for several programs throughout the eastern states.

From December to April, our primary focus is on Southern Tree Planting (STP), which consists of pine regeneration in the southern forests from Texas to the East Coast, Florida to Delaware.

Each season our workers hand plant over 100 Million 12” to 16” pine and hardwood seedlings with a planting tool (hoedad, dibble bar or planting shovel).  The 7-Step Method developed by Superior’s veteran planters allows a worker to plant trees almost as fast as he can walk.

Following STP, from April to June, we have a Vegetation Management Forestry  program using backpack sprayers. Our crews treat some weeds and brush. This treatment helps the young seedlings grow strong and healthy.

By mid-April we are planting trees in the Lake States regions of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. By the middle of June, our workers will have planted approximately 15 Million trees in the Lake States region. We can follow up the treeplanting with bud capping and repellant to protect the seedlings from deer and other animals.

In June we begin our Vegetation Management Right-of-Way program. We serve the power and utilities companies, keeping the lines clear of trees, brush and vines. We use a low volume foliar application with a variety of environmentally friendly products. This program extends into September. In the later months, we use a low volume basil treatment or hack and squirt procedures.

In our pursuit of growth, we continue to explore and develop other programs of a similar nature.  SFS is very proud of our efforts to provide services that are superior in every way.